Rental, Repairs and Maintenance

Reliable Power and
Hassle-Free Services

GWB Energy Equipment Trading and Services LLC, our sister concern, offers a wide range of rental generators and mobile light towers in the UAE for power generation needs starting from 15KVA to Megawatt Projects. GWB Energy further ensures the longevity of your generator and power products with factory trained engineers and technicians supported by service vehicles, diagnosis software, tools and equipment.


Complimenting our power generation capability we provide accessory requirements such as environmentally safe fuel tanks, drip trays, power cables and if required, full time onsite manpower support.

With our rental solutions catering to every need and focused on providing the right service at the right time, we offer our Power Generation Equipment for temporary single-site power and turnkey long term power projects.

Our highly trained technical specialists will promptly deliver, install and monitor equipment to ensure continuous performance. Service support is available 24/7, 365 days a year.


Technical Service

From our service facility in Dubai, a professional workforce dedicated exclusively to providing technical support and service, continually coordinates, supplies and trains our technical service network at an international level for the purpose of correcting faults and guaranteeing an excellent service experience 24/7, 365 days a year.

Spare parts

We have spare parts available for our full range of products. If you can’t find the required spare part, contact our Technical Support Service department.

Repairs and Maintenance

We provide preventative maintenance, engine overhauling, motor rewinding and all other repairs and services for our full range of generators and Power Products. Annual Maintenance Contracts are available at attractive terms to all our customers.